Why Choose IT Staff Augmentation Over Freelancers?

As a business owner, you cannot deny that every business has tough starting days. There comes a time when businesses do not have enough budget to hire full IT staff and meet the demands of their IT projects and then they look for freelancers to do the job.

Freelancing may seem quite a friendly option to their economy; however, from a quality point of view, it may come up with a drawback. You may have experienced the situation at some point in life. To maintain a balance between quality and quantity, choosing IT staff augmentation over freelancers makes a good decision. In this blog, we have tried breaking down some pointers that will help you make the right choice.

Quality of Work:

While working with freelancers, you cannot predict the quality of freelancers as you have to ask many times for modifications, alter the quality, and make other required changes. Though these developers are experienced professionals, they are not industry specialists. On the other hand, if you are trying to build rapport in the market, the experts hired through IT staff augmentation services can make your dream come true.

Availability and Reliability:

Freelancers cannot ensure maximum availability for your project as they are not managed remote staff or in-house employees of your company. One moment they can complete your tasks while the other moment they fail. This is one of the reasons behind the rising popularity of IT staff augmentation services.

The services give you access to an in-house IT team that can work a double shift to meet a client’s deadline. Besides, involvement with this expert team improves your confidence to send the work to your client and receive positive feedback.

Cost Advantage:

Freelancers are likely to demand more when it comes to investing time in modifications and further editing. This does not only affect the time of delivery but also impacts overall spendings on the project. An IT staff augmentation company has customized packages to meet the different demands of their clients.

You can hire these experts on an hourly basis or weekly basis telling them your terms of less editing on the project. The experts work sincerely that you no longer need to pay extra to hamper your profit percentage.


When you work with a team of professionals you want them to take full responsibility for their acts and perform their roles without glitches. Freelancers may lack proficiency but IT staff would not. The professionals from IT staff augmentation dedicate their time to your projects and make sure that you get what you expected before contacting an augmentation company. You receive full-time dedication for your project along with the desired quality of results.

We, at Source Infotech, understand your need of hiring experts more than anything else. We provide brilliant IT staff augmentation services to you so you can receive maximum possible quality for your project needs. You can consider our services to set up your own short-term IT team to work on your needs. Hire us and see the results for yourself!

  • 09/21/2020