Why Staff Augmentation Model Is The Right Choice For Your Business?

When it comes to growing businesses, tech talent and a good budget come first for startups and SMBs. With limited expenses, they become unable to hire permanent employees with different sets of skills. And, this is where the role of staff augmentation services comes into the light. The solution is emerging as the mainstay for companies that want to work smartly under some restraints.

A staff augmentation company lets businesses connect with experts in different technologies. With great flexibility, IP rights security, great productivity level, and minimal expenses, staff augmentation stands out of the crowd. If you are not yet convinced, read on the blog post to find a great difference between staff augmentation and other business models:

Managed Services:

When you go with managed services, the project outsourcing company takes all responsibilities for managing all aspects of projects. It is responsible for quality deliverance, deadlines, and flaws. With managed services, you do not need to have in-house tech experts to spend time with. All you have to do is to tell the company your feedback about their work and wait for the next changes done.

But, you typically do not know who is working on your project, what expertise the developers have, which decisions have been made, and so on.

R&D Centre:

You can establish your own R&D center, hire working professionals, create a favorable environment, and continue the way you want. However, managing this kind of center may require a huge amount of money and time to dedicate to your employees. In simple terms, you will be responsible for producing the quality and dealing with the flaws that employees make.

Besides, opening your own center is delving into the legal system of the country, following cultural specifics, and bearing expenses on your own risks. This is where the model fails.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is the best way to expand your team and its capabilities. It gives your team extra talent to boost your projects. These professionals are experienced to handle specific tasks flawlessly. Quite a large number of businesses around the world are dependent on staff augmentation firms to manage a range of their tasks, project resources, milestone deliveries, and management process. The model lets you choose the candidates and method to work with them. The augmentation model makes most of your investment.


Among all three models, staff augmentation seems feasible, beneficial, and flexible to your project needs. Now, if you are thinking to connect with one of the best staff augmentation contractors, do not go anywhere.

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  • 04/22/2021