Employee Aspect

With a strong focus on each employees professional and personal goals, Source Infotech Inc has been able to attract some of the finest technocrats. Due to a diverse mix of employees’ technical strengths, Source Infotech has been a leading software provider in areas like finance, medical and retail business.

Source Infotech takes pride in it’s employees who are highly qualified and experienced and hence they draw immense respect from our clients. Source Infotech provides a flexible work environment and encourages and facilitates open communication between employees and management.

  • Health Insurance
  • 401k plans with wide variety of funds to choose from
  • Direct deposits for salary

Source Infotech lays heavy emphasis on the upgradation of the skills of it’s employees so that they can provide creative and quality solutions to it’s clients time and again. It’s consultants are reputed in the industry for their enthusiasm and going a step further to help the customers with their business solutions.

Source Infotech firmly believes that the work environment should be conducive for new ideas and this has helped Source better it’s processes again and again.