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Source Infotech has undertaken project development at various levels:

Component Development:We have developed various components which are more efficient in terms of memory and speed as compared to standard JDK and Swing components. These components are optimized to perform about 55-60% better than any available components in the market and they have been tested with real-time data. Examples of these components are SourceTable, SourceListBox, SourceComboBox, SourceLabel, etc. These components are based on plug and play methodology and don’t require any other softwares(except standard JDK1.1 and JDK1.2 softwares which come free of cost). These components are currently being used by various financial organizations in their regular project development.

Source Framework:Framework is a set of reusable library of classes which provides the basic foundation and services of an application. The framework is developed using time tested design methodologies and has been tested to perform efficiently in a real-time data scenario where several hundreds of messages come into the application per second. Following are the features provided by the framework:

  • Standard connectivity to various types of data sources(for e.g. Corba, TCP/IP, flat data files, RDBMS, etc). It supports both publish/subscribe and query/response kind of scenarios.
  • Logging: various types of debug statements can be logged by the application(info, fatal error, error, debug, etc). The logging can take place to a flat file or database or any other storage media that the user chooses.
  • Standard way of building and hosting components: Various components are built in a standard way. This means that the components carry only the business logic where as the base classes do the house keeping work(including component instantiation on the container, logging, sending out messages, receiving messages, memory cleanup once the components are not used by the application, threadpool management, etc).
  • Inter bean messages: framework defines a standard way of communication between various components.

All these features make the framework highly reusable amongst various applications. Source Infotech’s clients have been able to significantly cut down the cost of project development as the framework gives them the flexibility to focus only on their business requirements and not worry anything else.