Source Infotech Inc. was founded in 2000 by highly experienced IT professionals who realized that businesses not only require various aspects automated but also want it to be done effectively which means that there is always a need to make the processes better. This has been the moto of Source Infotech. Source Infotech has defined, stabilized and constantly improved the processes by which software is managed and developed.

We are one of the leading software development firms that provides time and cost effective solutions to assist it’s Global clients in their complex business processes. Our solutions use time tested methodologies and processes to give our customers the best IT solutions.

We provide highly innovative and effective solutions that enable the clients to realize their business goals quickly.

We realized that right technology is the only solution to the globally growing need for quality and cost effective solutions. This value proposition has helped us produce solutions including product development, common framework based prodcuts developments for all kinds of businesses and component development.

We have a unification of cut throat technology solutions and the right people who can provide such solutions. Customer and employee satisfaction are the driving principals of the organization. The emthusiasm and energy of our consultants is unmatched which results in an unmatched quality service for our clients globally. We have facilitated and continue to facilitate various aspects of the businesses of the clients.

Following are the primary activities by us:

Project DevelopmentWe specialized in

  • Object oriented technologies like C++,Java, Delphi, Visual C++, etc
  • Middleware development using Application servers(Weblogic, Persistence)
  • Server side development using SqlServer, Oracle, Sybase.
  • Messaging softwares like MQ series, tibco RV

IT TrainingWe provide the training in following areas:

  • MS-office2000 Package for beginners
  • C and C++/Visual C++
  • Socket Programming
  • Basic Java
  • Advanced Java(JSP, EJB, XML, JNDI, J2EE)
  • Object oriented Modelling Using UML(Unified Modeling language)
  • Software Testing(Manual testing, SQA Manager/Robot, WinRunner, LoadRunner and Silk)
  • Data Modeling using ERWIN

IT Consulting Source Infotech matches the client requirements carefully and thoughtfully to provide consultants from it’s pool of resources to serve the client needs. Our highly qualified, motivated and experienced consultants are serving various clients globally in their IT requirements.

Product DevelopmentWe have been developed various components which are faster and memory efficient as compared to the JDK and Swing components. This has allowed them to be a leader in the fast growing market of component development.

The Company has also undertaken framework development for various clients. It’s framework is a set of basic services like messaging, receiving/sending data to outside applications, logging, etc. This framework has facilitated a very short development time for projects that Source undertakes for it’s clients. The framework is a library of reusable source code using which standard applications can be built in a matter of couple of days.